How to Find the Right Contractor for the Job


There are many electricians out there, and most of them specialize in different areas. If you are looking to hire an electrician for any commercial or domestic project, here are ten important points to help you out.

Ask if the electrician is licensed or not

In most countries, it is a requirement for electricians to have licenses. Ensure that the one you hire has one and that it is valid. The license will also tell you what the electrician is qualified in. For instance, master electricians can do both installations and designs and have more than 2 years of experience.

Always go for insured electricians

Given the dangers associated with electricity work, it is important that your electrician is insured. It is recommended that any electrical contractor should have at least $500,000 worth of insurance for both liability and workers compensation.

Hire electricians that specialize in the area you need

Work experience is usually built with practice, and electricians can specialize in very many areas. The chances are that you will get the best job done by an electrician who specializes in the kind of work you need, e.g. designs, installations, and much more.

Ask what the entire project will cost

Apart from the actual electrical work, ask what other things will cost you such as repairing walls. This will help you avoid a price shock at the end.

Ask what special training the electrician has

This will help you decide if your electrician is experienced and skilled enough to handle your project, for instance when you need data cables installed.

Enquire whether your electrician has obtained the necessary permits for the project

Most countries require electricians to have work permits. This will eventually lead to your project being inspected and approved by relevant authorities.

Ask if the person you are talking to will do the work

At times, electrical companies have many employees, and you may end up with a different professional other than the one you spoke to over the phone or met. Get to know how much each of them will cost you and request for the one that will best fit your job requirements.

Ask for previous job references.

By getting past references, especially for similar projects, you will be assured that the electrician is competent enough and can handle the job you have for them.

Go for electricians that offer guarantees and warranties

Different fixtures and parts used in electrical work may have manufacturer faults. Having quality guaranteed services and products that are warranted will spare you from having to go back into your pocket to repair such defects.

Ask to see a work in progress

This will help you view the quality of work and services offered beforehand and from those, you can decide whether to hire the electrician or not.

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– Roland Coetzee, Manager


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