Electrical Compliance Safety Certificates Port Elizabeth Issuance

Electrical Safety Certificates for Port ElizabethHere, we will provide an overview of the importance of being issued with an approved Electrical Compliance Certificate for your property in Port Elizabeth, whether it is a residential or commercial one.

Among our company’s services is to issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) as evidence that your electrical installation fully complies with the South African standards. An electrical Compliance certificate is mandatory in Port Elizabeth as proof of the safety of the electrical installation in your property. In case your property is damaged as a result of an electrical fault, insurance companies will ask you to provide a valid electrical compliance certificate when you file a claim with them. Without this certificate of electrical compliance, it is very likely that the claim you make will be refused.

There have been some changes and amendments to the laws in the recent past, and as a result of the new changes which have taken effect, new property buyers need to have a new Certificate of Electrical Compliance issued. Generally, it is recommended that you have an inspection on your property after every two years, regardless of whether you’re planning to sell the property off to someone else or you retain it as the property owner. This guarantees the safety of the electrical installation on the property during your ownership. If you’re renting your property out, it is mandatory to have a valid Landlord Certificate, as well as provide a copy of the certificate to the tenant.

Properties shouldn’t be rented out if the landlord doesn’t have a valid compliance certificate. Rental agents are as well required to check the ECOC before assisting the landlord to get a tenant.

As fully certified electricians, we can be of help on the issuance of an electrical certificate for your residential or commercial property. For and question regarding this issue or for information on the other services that we offer our clients, reach us on 087 550 1903, and our highly competent and friendly electricians will be glad to respond to all the queries that you may have.

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